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My name is Sean. I'm a WordPress enthusiast, site designer, and builder. I work with small and medium-sized businesses on every aspect of their web presence.

I've been building websites for more than 15 years. For the last 6 or 7 years, I've been working developing and building with WordPress and Shopify exclusively.

Sean Ondes - WP Page Builder Pro

Why use a Page Builder?

It's not enough that the websites I build look good and load quickly. Very often, when my design and site building work is done, I have to hand the site off to a client that needs to manage the content on the site. My clients are smart but the tech side of the website isn't in their skill set.

Basically, what my clients really need is the independence and versatility of a standalone website (that usually means WordPress) and the user-friendliness of a website builder like Squarespace or Weebly. The obvious answer to the problem is to use a page builder.

A WordPress page builder is a plugin that you add to your site. They let you design and build posts and pages on your site without needing to touch any code. Page builders have been around for WordPress for at least a decade. There are dozens and dozens of them now. Using the right page builder on your WordPress site gives you all the power and stability of WordPress and the flexibility of the best website builders.

Finding the right page builder is the next problem. That's where WP Page Builder Pro comes in.

There are literally dozens and choosing the wrong one can cause huge headaches later on. Imagine that you're looking for just the right tool to do a job and how relieved you are when you find it. You use it for a while and the results are okay or maybe even good--but not spectacular. You start noticing some things, mostly little ones, about the tool that you wish were a bit different and wonder "why didn't they do it this way instead?" All of those little things start adding up and pretty soon you're done with this thing. But what about all that work that's already been done? Like I said, "huge headaches".

You've read the blog posts that review the "Best WordPress Page Builders" or the "Top 5 WordPress Page Builders". They can be helpful but after I finished reading, I still didn't know which page builder to choose.

The only thing left for me to do was try them all. I've spent hundreds of dollars and almost as many hours testing every WordPress page builder that I can get my hands on. I created WP Page Builder Pro because I've personally needed a resource exactly like this for a long time.

I'm not really pushing any particular page builder. I'm not really even pushing WordPress.

This guide is for people who have already decided that WordPress is the right fit for them and also want the flexibility of using a page builder. By way of disclosure, this site is built using Beaver Builder.

To support my work on this project, I'm using affiliate links when I point back to the signup page for a page builder. If you're going to purchase one of the page builder plugins that I've reviewed and want to help me out, just follow my link to their signup page.

Thanks in advance!


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