Honest Ratings and Reviews of the Best WordPress Page Builders

WordPress page builders, also called drag and drop builders, let you build custom pages without touching any code. I'll be testing every WordPress page builder that I can get a hold of so you don't get burned by endless trial and error.

I Buy, Install, and USE Every WordPress page builder That I Review. I rate them all based on these essential features:

Layouts and Templates

Theme Compatibility

Performance and Updates

Customer Support

Beaver Builder Pro Review

My rating

Beaver Builder Pro excels as a page builder by giving you powerful ways to build and customize pages. Using it to build WordPress pages is a truly liberating experience. Recently surpassing 1,000,000 active installations, Beaver Builder is arguably the fastest, most stable, and user friendly page builder in the WordPress world. I highly recommend it.

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Elementor Pro Review

My rating

The Elementor Pro team released the free version of Elementor in the summer of 2016 and followed up with Elementor Pro in the following December. Reaching a new milestone, Elementor Pro has more than 2 million active installations!

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Brizy Pro Review

My rating

Recently passing 50,000 downloads, Brizy Pro is growing and has huge potential to compete with the more popular page builders.

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Themify Builder Review

My rating

Themify Builder promises big and claims that it is the the most powerful and intuitive page builder for WordPress. After using it for the first few minutes, you’ll quickly realize that it struggles to live up to it’s own hype.

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WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) Review

My rating

Visual Composer is easily one of the first (or the first) page builder plugins available for WordPress. Even after rebranding as Page Builder, WPBakery’s plugin still boasts that they have the all-time most popular page builder for WordPress. The reality is that though lifetime sales may still stack higher than it’s competitor’s, the time for this page builder is long over.

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Cornerstone Page Builder Review

My rating

Cornerstone, developed by Themeco, is built into and tightly integrated with their X and Pro Themes. Themeco has also made it available for sale on CodeCanyon as a stand alone page builder. Cornerstone has a very clean look and uses some novel approaches to page building. However, the interface can be confusing and it will only work with themes that include a full page layout template.

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SiteOrigin Premium Page Builder Review

My rating

SiteOrigin Page Builder is built by a small, dedicated team. At first glance, this page builder doesn’t seem very special. However, it does have some very positive aspects.

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Live Composer Review

My rating

First released in 2014, Live Composer has long been just under the radar. But with more than 50,000 active users, a lot of people are already sold on this page builder. After using it for a while, I found that there are a couple of things to like about it along with a few notable turn-offs.

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Aqua Page Builder Review

My rating

Aqua Page Builder was developed by Syamil MJ back in 2013. It was actively updated for a few years and for it’s time was fairly innovative.

As of 2019, it hasn’t been updated for the last 3 major WordPress releases. If anyone is still using it, I strongly advise them to move on to a page builder that is actively developed. Using out of date plugins can create dangerous security vulnerabilities.

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About This Project

This is a self-funded project. By saying that, what really I mean is that this is almost an entirely non-funded project. When I can, I use affiliate links to point back to the signup page for a page builder. If you decide to purchase a plugin and want to support my work, all you need to do is use the links on this site when you buy it.

In the interest of full disclosure, I used Beaver Builder Pro to build this site. That's because personally I like it and am familiar with it. I don't have any "special" relationship with the company. For that matter, none of my reviews are solicited and I receive no direct compensation for any of my reviews.

Instead of working in secret for weeks and months before having a big reveal, I'll be adding reviews as I complete them. Think of this as watching a website being built in public. I'm starting this project with the most popular plugins first. If you check back occasionally, you'll probably see a number of rough drafts and revisions.

If you're not quite ready to take the plunge and buy a new page builder, you can still support this project by buying me a cup of coffee (or a beer).

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