Shortcode Lock In and Why It Sucks

Brief History of WordPress Shortcodes

  • What is a shortcode?
  • When were they developed?
  • Why were they developed? What problem were they meant to solve?
  • Where are we now?

Pros and Cons of Shortcode based Page Builders

Some argue that shortcode lock in isn’t a problem.

Why I think shortcode based page builders should be avoided.

Avoiding Shortcode Pollution

Stick with these page builders if you want to avoid short code lock in:

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Sean Ondes

My name is Sean. I've been building websites for more than 15 years. For the last 8 years, I've been working almost exclusively with WordPress and Shopify. I've read all the blog posts that review the "Best WordPress Page Builders" or the "Top 5 WordPress Page Builders". They can be helpful but after I finished all that reading, I still didn't know which one to choose. The only thing left to do was try them all. I've spent my own money and hundreds of hours testing every WordPress page builder that I can get my hands on. I'm putting all this together because I personally have needed a resource exactly like this for a long time! I' don't favor any single page builder over another. I'm not really even promoting WordPress. This guide is for people who have already decided that WordPress is the right fit for them and need the flexibility of using a page builder.
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